Making a Great Smile Begins With Optimum Oral Health Care

It’s never too late to save your smile, and begin crafting a newer, better one for the future. Even the most broken of smiles can be restored with the help of our professional team at Peak Dental Care. We specialize in a variety of cosmetic dental services and professional treatments. Making a great smile begins with optimum oral health care.... read more »

Braces for Adults

The last thing most adults want is to get braces, but for some people it's the only option available to get the straight, beautiful smile that you want. Or is it? Is there a way to get straight teeth without the clunky metal brackets and wires that plague every high school yearbook? Let's find out. Invisalign® Invisalign is one of... read more »

Full and Partial Dentures Can Restore Your Missing Teeth

Having teeth missing from your mouth can really mess with your quality of life, making it harder to eat, speak, and even changing your face shape. Not to mention that missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed about showing your smile. Getting dentures, whether full or partial, can restore your smile. If you need partial dentures, our dentist will make... read more »

Brighten Your Smile for the Holidays With Professional Teeth-Whitening Treatments

Are you looking to improve your oral health for the holidays to impress family, friends, and loved ones? Are you unsure which service may be right for you? Brighten your smile for the holidays with professional teeth-whitening treatments. Professional teeth whitening treatments are those given and directed directly under the supervision of a dentist. Over-the-counter products can be unreliable and sometimes... read more »

Keeping Your Head in a Dental Emergency

Even if you keep up with your oral hygiene and visit Peak Dental Care at least twice a year for your routine checkups, accidents can happen. Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Because of this, Dr. Scott Lindsay is happy to give tips for common dental emergencies. With any... read more »

Three Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Smile

A healthy smile is not just good for your image, but it is also good for your overall health and well-being. There is a reason why you want to brush and floss every day and see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. In today's blog, we want to share just three reasons why you should be thankful for your smile.... read more »

A Missing Tooth in Your Smile Can Usually Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

If you've lost a tooth, it can lead to a series of problems. Beyond the negative impact on your appearance, it can also impair your ability to bite into hard foods. If the structure of the tooth isn't restored in short order, it can cause the surrounding teeth to alter their alignment. To effectively address all of these issues, your... read more »

The Steps in Dental-Bonding Treatment

Dental bonding in Centennial, Colorado, is an effective treatment that can repair decayed, chipped, and cracked teeth. It can also improve the appearance of a tooth and can protect a portion of a tooth’s root if it has been exposed. If you are about to use dental bonding for one of the mentioned reasons, our Peak Dental Care team is... read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Can Be Replaced by a Bridge

While it’s rare, there are times when a blow to the face can be so traumatic that it knocks out one or more of your teeth. In most of these cases, the knocked-out tooth is so severely fractured that it cannot be saved. Your dentist’s only course of treatment is to extract any remnants in the socket to treat the... read more »