Electric Driven Handpieces

What is an electric handpiece?

Electric handpieces are the most advanced type of dental handpiece available now. As the name implies, these handpieces are electric rather than air-driven, as older handpieces were. Air-driven handpieces produce that loud, whiny sound you may associate with dental offices and treatments like fillings. We are pleased to use the latest electric handpieces in Centennial, Colorado, which are much quieter and allow you to have a more enjoyable visit to our office.

In addition, electric handpieces are gentler to the teeth, which allows us to provide a more precise treatment with less trauma to the tooth, meaning you will experience minimal discomfort during the healing process. Because electric handpieces are more accurate, Dr. Scott Lindsay is able to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible while still fully removing any damaged or decayed portions. Electric handpieces produce less vibration than air-driven handpieces, so you will feel more comfortable during your treatment. Furthermore, the electric handpieces give our dentist more control in movement and allow him to complete your treatment more efficiently, so you will spend less time at our office and more time enjoying your smile! For more information about the benefits of electric handpieces, we welcome you to contact our team at Peak Dental Care today.