Dental Inlays & Onlays

What are inlays and onlays?

Dental inlays and onlays are restorations used to repair teeth that have been decayed or damaged. Generally, an inlay or onlay is used when the damage is too extensive to be repaired with a filling but is not serious enough to require a dental crown. Sometimes called partial crowns, dental inlays and onlays replace only the damaged portion of the tooth and allow us to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Each dental inlay or onlay is created from molds and impressions of your teeth for a precise fit. These restorations can be made of several different materials; we often suggest porcelain inlays and onlays for our patients who are interested in a natural-looking, tooth-colored restoration.

Do I need an inlay or onlay?

Dr. Scott Lindsay may suggest a dental onlay or inlay in Centennial, Colorado, to repair a tooth that is decayed or otherwise damaged. Inlays and onlays serve the same purpose but are used in slightly different situations. An inlay is used when the damage is contained on the surface of the tooth and does not extend to the tooth cusps; on the other hand, an onlay is used when one or more of the tooth cusps are also damaged. Inlays and onlays are a great option for effectively and aesthetically restoring your smile. We welcome you to call or visit our dentist and dental team at Peak Dental Care today for more information.