Preventive Care

What is preventive care?

Dr. Scott Lindsay and our team are dedicated to helping you keep your smile in good health. While we provide many options for restoring your smile following damage, we would much rather prevent these problems and keep your smile free from pain. Preventive care includes a number of services and treatments aimed at preventing tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other damaging conditions. Our preventive care services include:

  • Fluoride treatment — Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps to keep your teeth healthy and protect them from decay.
  • Dental sealants — Sealants are thin coatings of resin that are applied to the chewing surface of teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • Athletic mouth guards — Sports guards are worn to protect your smile from injury during athletic activities.
  • Night guards/occlusal mouth guards — This type of mouth guard is worn at night while you sleep to prevent the tooth damage and painful symptoms caused by teeth grinding.
  • Dental cleanings and exams — Regular exams and cleanings help to keep your smile healthy and ensure that we detect any problems at the earliest possible stage, before they become more serious and painful.

It is also essential that you maintain good dental hygiene at home. For more information about dental hygiene and preventive care in Centennial, Colorado, we encourage you to contact our dentist at Peak Dental Care soon.