Logicon Caries Detector

What is the Logicon Caries Detector?

Logicon Caries Detector is a software we use at Peak Dental Care to help us provide more accurate evaluations of your oral health. The Logicon Caries Detector program aids Dr. Scott Lindsay in visually analyzing digital radiographs (X-rays) and detecting areas of decay. This system is accurate and reliable; in addition to helping our dentist identify areas of decay that require treatment, it can also help to prevent misdiagnosis of healthy teeth. The software we use has been found to have a 90% accuracy rate, ensuring that you receive high-quality care. The Logicon Caries Detector not only locates areas of teeth on the radiographs that are decayed, but also indicates the penetration depth of the decay in the tooth surface. This allows our team to better understand the extent of the damage and determine the best possible treatment option.

In addition to helping us provide you with treatment for tooth decay at the earliest stage possible, before the problems become more serious and painful, the Logicon Caries Detector helps our team track areas of decay over time. This allows us to track changes in your dental health over time and assess the success of our treatments. For more information about the Logicon Caries Detector in Centennial, Colorado, and how it helps our team provide you with the treatments you need, we welcome you to contact us today!