A Knocked-Out Tooth Can Be Replaced by a Bridge

While it’s rare, there are times when a blow to the face can be so traumatic that it knocks out one or more of your teeth. In most of these cases, the knocked-out tooth is so severely fractured that it cannot be saved. Your dentist’s only course of treatment is to extract any remnants in the socket to treat the pain and allow the gums to heal.

One of the most effective methods for replacing the knocked-out tooth is for Dr. [doctor_name] to install a dental bridge. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is fused to a pair of crowns on each end. It is anchored on abutments that are formed from the neighboring teeth.

To create these abutments, Dr. [doctor_name] will use a drill to remove most of the enamel from each tooth. This will leave behind a post-like core of dentin that is surrounding the healthy pulp and root of each tooth.

Then, [heshe] will make a detailed impression of the abutments and your smile. This impression will be sent to the dental lab where your new bridge will be made. In the meantime, temporary crowns will be cemented over each abutment to protect them.

Dr. [doctor_name] will call you back into [practice_name] for a brief follow-up appointment when your permanent bridge is ready. During this appointment, the temporary crowns will be removed and your dentist will cement your new bridge onto the abutments.

If you’ve just had a tooth knocked out, you should not delay in calling Dr. [doctor_name] at [phone] in [city], [state], to seek timely treatment.