Dental Technology

Dr. Scott Lindsay of Peak Dental Care in Centennial, CO, is proud to offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art dental technology to patients seeking the latest and most advanced treatments available. From digital X-rays to electric-driven handpieces, Dr. Lindsay and his team have the tools necessary for providing quality and efficient care for all their patients.


Our Dental Technology

At Peak Dental Care, our dentist and dental team strive to make your dental experience as comfortable, streamlined, and enjoyable as possible. We understand that your overall health is closely linked to your oral health, and we want to ensure that your smile is optimal to improve your total well-being. To help you achieve good dental health and to enhance your experience at our office, we offer the benefits of advanced dental technology, tools, and techniques. Our state-of-the-art technology includes:


Cavitron Ultrasonic Scalers are one of the most popular dental equipment Dr. Lindsay utilizes in his practice. This machine uses sound waves to precisely remove plaque and calculus from teeth for superior cleanings that can be completed in less time than traditional methods – reducing stress on both patient and practitioner alike. We can also use this machine in more complex procedures, such as root planing, crown lengthening, and surgical extractions in special cases.


CT 3D Imaging is another piece of technology Dr. Lindsay uses at Peak Dental Care that allows him to quickly take detailed scans of a patient’s oral cavity and create a three-dimensional image on his computer screen within minutes. This imaging type is invaluable for diagnosing problems such as impacted teeth, cysts, or tumors before they become too severe or unmanageable. Additionally, this type of imaging helps identify jawbone density issues and other essential information, allowing for more accurate treatment planning.


The Logicon Caries Detector is another device used by Dr. Lindsey at Peak Dental Care that helps diagnose cavities earlier and more accurately than ever before. This technology uses an advanced optical detection system that measures changes in the tooth’s surface structure caused by caries formation in real time. It allows for more conservative restorations with minimal destruction to healthy tooth structure surrounding any decay found during exams or cleanings. 


One piece of equipment particularly beneficial during examinations is the DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aid – a pen-sized tool that emits a harmless beam into the mouth while the patient holds still; if it detects areas with demineralization, a warning will sound so that Dr. Lindsay can treat those areas appropriately. This detection eliminates guesswork and provides greater accuracy when diagnosing cavities. It is especially useful on hard-to-reach surfaces like between two teeth, where traditional instruments may not be able to detect early signs of decay. 

Digital X-rays are also essential for providing high-quality dental care – allowing practitioners like Dr. Lindsey at Peak Dental Care to take quick scans without exposing their patients to excessive radiation.


If necessary, Laughing Gas & Sedation Dentistry may also be an option depending on individual circumstances (elderly patients who struggle with keeping their mouths open long enough being one example).


Intraoral cameras allow dentists like Dr. Lindsey easy access even further down within each individual’s mouth – giving crystal clear views even around difficult areas like molars where plaque can build up quickly without much notice otherwise.


Additionally, OraVerse® Numbness Reversal can help alleviate some discomfort after specific procedures since it aids in reducing numbness faster than average.


Finally, Electric Driven Handpieces allow practitioners like Dr. Lindsey to have faster drilling capabilities while still maintaining precision – ultimately saving time and money and improving outcomes significantly compared to manual devices used in many offices today.


State-of-the-Art Dental Technology in Centennial

At Peak Dental Care, we pride ourselves on the state-of-the-art dental technology that allows us to provide the highest quality care to our patients. Under the leadership of Dr. Scott Lindsay, our team utilizes cutting-edge equipment such as digital X-rays and intraoral cameras to accurately diagnose and treat dental issues while ensuring patient comfort and safety. Call us today to schedule an appointment!