Digital X-rays

What is digital radiography?

Digital radiography is an advanced X-ray imaging system that allows our dental team to capture high-quality images of your teeth, jawbone, and other underlying structures. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays do not require the use of X-ray film; instead, digital radiography uses a digital sensor that is more comfortable and provides our team with nearly instantaneous access to the images. Dr. Scott Lindsay can then easily view these images on a monitor right in the treatment room. Using the high-resolution images produced through digital radiography, our dentist is able to detect and diagnose dental problems like:

  • Bone loss
  • Tooth decay located between teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Infection in the tooth nerve
  • Improper tooth root positioning
  • Abscesses and cysts
  • Impacted teeth
  • Tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous)
  • Fractures in existing fillings

In addition, Dr. Scott Lindsay often uses digital radiography in Centennial, Colorado to plan treatments such as dental implant placement, orthodontic treatment, TMJ treatment, root canal therapy, and more.

What are the benefits of digital radiography?

As an advanced diagnostic tool, digital X-rays hold many advantages over traditional film X-rays. Digital radiography is more comfortable for you, our patients, and it is also faster. Furthermore, digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation and do not require the use of any chemicals to develop the images. We invite you to contact Peak Dental Care today to learn more!