Tips on Recovering After Tooth Extraction

If you would like to know how to properly recover after a tooth extraction, then our dentist, Dr. [doctor_name], is more than happy to help you. The recovery period is very important when returning to optimal oral health. So, to help you care for your teeth and gums as well as properly recover, [heshe] is happy to give you the tips you need. Those tips are:

-Rest for the first two to three days following surgery. If necessary, lie down the first 24 hours and then limit activity the following two days.

-Take the medication given to you by your dentist. This can help you remain comfortable during the recovery period.

-Help stop the bleeding by biting down on gauze pads regularly. When they fill with blood, replace them with more pads until the bleeding clots.

-Ice outside the area to help with the swelling and pain.

-Don’t rinse your mouth or spit the first 24 hours after the surgery.

-Don’t use a straw while you recover. This is important because using a straw can dislodge the clot and cause complications.

-Have a soft-foods diet. Your diet can include yogurt, soup, ice cream, and more.

-Brush your teeth but avoid the surgical site while doing so.

Call [practice_name] today at [phone] if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about tooth extraction recovery in [city], [state]. Our dental team is here to give you the answers and information you’re looking for, so don’t be afraid to contact us. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!