Healthy Mouths and Happy Holidays

Everyone loves the holiday season, and it’s certainly one of the most exciting times of the year. Here are some tips you can implement to ensure that your teeth are having fun too. If you have any additional queries or concerns about keeping your teeth healthy this season, be sure to contact us at [phone] to schedule your next appointment so we can discuss them with you face-to-face.

Take it easy on the alcohol. A number of festivities are celebrated with a bit of alcohol drinking, so if you celebrate in this way, be sure to go light on the alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol can dry out your spit reserves and leave you unprotected against cavity-forming acids.

Watch out for sticky foods. Sticky foods, though yummy, are among the worst for your teeth. When sticky foods dry, they can be tricky to extract from your teeth with normal brushing and flossing. If you do have sticky foods, try drinking a cup of water to rinse out your oral cavity afterward.

Go easy on starchy foods. Starchy foods such as cake, cookies, and potato chips are sure to be a hit at a lot of holiday parties, but they might alter your teeth negatively. The carbohydrates in these foods build plaque on teeth, and when that plaque isn’t rinsed out soon enough, it can develop into tartar, which will necessitate extraction by a dentist.

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