Your Beginner’s Guide to Sport Mouth Guards

There are countless ways you can help make your child safe while playing sports. From shin guards to fall mats, it’s important to keep our kids safe. One of the best ways we can keep their mouths and teeth safe is with a mouth guard. Today we will show you the importance of a mouth guard and what options are available.

Mouth guards protect and help cushion the face, mouth and teeth from damage that is sometimes caused by playing sports. So whether your child is in a contact sport or not, keeping their mouth safe is an important goal to have.

Did you know that studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to teeth if they don’t wear a mouth guard?

There are countless mouth guards on the market, some, better than others. Here are three common mouth guard options:

• Custom-fitted – Made by your dentist for your child specifically. This mouth guard is generally more expensive but offers the best protection and comfort because it is custom-made.

• Stock – These mouth guards are the least expensive and are bought pre-molded. They typically are the least comfortable to wear and may be difficult to wear because they may not fit.

• Boil and bite – This mouth guard type is generally one you would find in your local drugstore or sporting goods store. They are first softened in boiling water and then placed in the mouth to form to your teeth and offer a better fit than stock mouth guards.

To keep a mouth guard clean, rinse and clean your child’s mouth guard before and after each use with a toothbrush and toothpaste or with a mouthwash. Store their mouth guard in a dry, secure, ventilated container and make sure to regularly check for wear and tear, this may be a sign it needs to be replaced.

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