Unlock Your Smile with the Causes of Halitosis

Are you aware of the risk factors for bad breath? Bad breath can be linked to the foul odors emanating from your mouth caused by bacteria present on your teeth and gums. However, bad breath could also be caused by underlying issues in your body or by the dietary choices you make, as well as the medications you’re taking.

If you are suffering from bad breath, it can be caused by several risk factors. One of most prevalent causes of bad breath is due to the foods you eat. This can be due to garlic or onions or even drink such as coffee. Furthermore, if you have excessive plaque buildup in your mouth, bacteria can produce foul odors. In addition, oral health ailments such as gum disease and toothaches can be linked to a recurrence of bad breath. However, not all bad breath ailments arise in your mouth. Underlying ailments in your body including respiratory tract infections, liver problems, and kidney issues can also increase your risk for bad breath.

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