Is Your Smile at Risk for Dental Damage?

Your smile depends you taking the necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums. Your diet, lifestyle, and your oral hygiene routines directly affect your level of dental damage.

Did you know that products such as red wine and coffee can stain and discolor your teeth? Even white wine can stain your teeth because of its high acid content. However, through the use of a teeth whitening treatment system, it may be possible to break up the stains so you can enjoy a whiter smile. Tobacco can discolor your teeth, and has been linked to tooth loss, gum disease and cancer.

Are you aware of the risks associated with biting on your nails and chewing on inedible objects? Your teeth are not designed for any other tasks other than biting and chewing food. When you try to chew on things such as pens and pencils, you risk chipping or cracking your teeth.

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