Is Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping Right for You?

As we age there are many things that can affect the visual appeal or function of our teeth. Tooth fractures and cracks caused by contact sports or grinding your teeth can cause minor imperfections in the enamel. These conditions can also lead to minor overlapping, irregularly shaped teeth or tiny chips. Even once the underlying issue is resolved you might still have issues with cosmetic appearance.

Cosmetic tooth reshaping is a procedure where you dentist removes small amount of enamel from some of your teeth. They will then blend and smooth the contour of the tooth to more naturally match your personal bite pattern.

Keep in mind that this procedure is intended only for teeth that need minor cosmetic adjustment. Your dentist will be able to advise you if you have more significant issues or need greater cosmetic restoration for the teeth in question.

Before recommending the procedure your dentist will want to take extensive X-rays. This helps your dentist understand how much enamel is available to be removed. If the dentist feels tooth reshaping will structurally damage or pose a threat to the dentin layer of your tooth, he might recommend a cosmetic veneer or crowns instead.

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