Dentures Can Restore Lost Teeth

Chronic periodontal disease or a long history of tooth decay issues can compromise your mouth. While this might impair your ability to chew food, missing teeth, or teeth with large areas of tooth decay can also cause problems with your speech and impact your quality of life.

Dentures sometimes referred to as false teeth can restore the full function and appearance of your mouth. Certain individuals might only need their upper teeth or lower teeth replaced, while others might need both their upper and lower teeth replaced by dentures.

Even if there are a few healthy teeth left in your mouth, your dentist might still recommend having them extracted to allow your new dentures to fit firmly in place.

After any remaining teeth are extracted the dentist with make an impression of your mouth. This is sent to a dental lab where your new permanent dentures are custom crafted.

Many people with dentures like to secure them in place with denture adhesive. This can also help to block food particles from getting between the dentures and your gums.

If you have several compromised teeth or you thinking about being fitted dentures, please feel free to give call [practice_name] at [phone] to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping restore the full function and appearance of your teeth.